Eric BolsmannEric Bolsmann is known for his thoroughly researched writing on subjects dealing primarily with wine and food, art and history.

As a painter in oils, Eric is particularly fond of depicting buildings, city scapes, and street scenes. The visual language he applies with a vocabulary that is largely of our time has been described as a “new realism”, implying that his exquisite sense of composition and perspective on his environment is innovative as well as representative.

Another love of his is that of paintings floral studies “Being born a Germany, I need both, the flowers in the garden and the city,” says Eric.  “Flower studies comfort me and lift my spirit. I listen to Johann Strauss or Mozart when I paint flowers. Painting cityscapes and industrial sites is more arduous, but this, in a strange way, feeds my soul. I need to listen to Beethoven, and sometimes Edward Grieg when I complete such paintings in my studio. I would like to compare the two contrasting themes with two imaginary daughters.

One is fair, most beautiful, truly a sight to behold. She has excelled at school and is now happily married. I love her dearly. The other one, not as pretty in the physical sense, has had a troubled past. She needs me most and, in a strange way; “I love her more than the one life has been kind to.”

Eric paintings can be seen in the Pretoria Art Museum and in many corporate and private collections in South Africa and abroad. They have received critical praise for the precise and detailed observation, the striking juxtaposition of colours, the contrast of luminescence and deep shadow, and the clear and clean contours which demarcate his subjects, illuminating and isolating them from their surroundings.