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1971, October 28The tasting of WineThe WeekenderMelbourne
1971, 4 November Good wines are better for decantingThe WeekenderMelbourne
1971, 11 November Old port, a candle and a silver sieveThe WeekenderMelbourne
1975 DecemberThe MenuWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 JanuaryGive your Party a bit of PunchWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 FebruaryCrepe ZusetteWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 AprilAustralian Wines - Part 1Wynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 MayAustralian Wines - Part 2Wynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 JulyThe Ostrich EggWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 AugustHere's to youWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 OctoberThe Story of the Black Brew - Part 1Wynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 NovemberThe Story of the Black Brew - Part 2Wynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 DecemberThe Christmas PuddingWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 JanuaryCocktails and Cock-talesWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 FebruaryChampagne, Sparkling Wine WinesWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 MarchThe PineappleWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 MarchIrish CoffeeWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 AprilRosé - Stepchild of WineWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 JuneWineland SwitzerlandWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 JulySome like it hotSignature (Diners Club)Suider Paarl
1977 JulyHappy DuckWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 AugustDurbanville, where red wines rule supremeWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 AugustBlack Pearls of the EpicureWine & Good LivingJohannesburg
1977 SeptemberProfitable use of convenience foodHotel & RestaurantJohannesburg
1977 SeptemberHygieneProfessional CatererJohannesburg
1977 SeptemberPractical use of convenience foodProfessional CatererJohannesburg
1977 OctoberSekolo SA di HoteleProfessional CatererJohannesburg
1977 OctoberGrape names can be confusingWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1977 NovemberA fragrance of plums, nuts and violetsWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1976 DecemberChristmas comes but once a yearSingnature (Diners Club)Johannesburg
1978 JanuaryThe Ga-Rankuwa Hotel SchoolWynboer (KWV)`Suider Paarl
1978 FebruaryDelicious Punch RecipesProfessional CatererJohannesburg
1978 FebruaryThat extra care in Airline CateringProfessional CatererJohannesburg
1978 MarchThe Secret of PimmsSignature (Diners Club)Johannesburg
1978 FebruaryThe Mount Nelson - Part 1Wynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1978 MarchThe Mount Nelson - Part 2Wynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1978 JuneThe Hotel School in JohgannesburgWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1978 JulyDuck deserves attentionProfessional CatererJohannesburg
1978 JulyA forgotten tradition - Part 1Wynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1978 AugustA forgotten tradition - Part 2Wynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1978 NovemberA rising delightWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1978 DecemberThe development of the menuProfessional CatererJohannesburg
1978 DecemberThe British Middle East Indian ClubWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1978 FebruaryDrinking - from necessity to pleasureWymboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1979 AprilApéritifs are a matter of tasteWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1979 MayProfile of a Chef - Victor MettlerHotel, Restaurant & BottJohannesburg
1979 JuneProfile of a Chef - Kurt KnappeHotel, Restaurant & BottJohannesburg
1979 JulyPretoria's Ambassador of Cape Wines - Arthur HoneyHotel, Restaurant & BottJohannesburg
1979 JulyCape Town's VrijburgherWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1979 SeptemberAbsinthe MindedHoetl, Restaurant & BottJohannesburg
1980 OctoberBlack Pearl of the EpicureWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1981 DecemberDrink your wines while you can afford toWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1982 MarchWiggle and TwistWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1982 SeptemberA critical look at criticsWynboer (KWV)Suider Paarl
1988 September 23The Lombardy has gone publicPretoria NewsPretoria
1989 JulyWe will have a lot of funPretoria NewsPretoria
1999 JuneA Taste of Morocco at Mostapha'sProfessional CatererJohannesburg
1999 August/SeptDo your homework before pouring totsProfessional CatererJohannesburg
1999 October/NovWhat it takes to be a bartenderProfessional CatererJohannesburg
2000 February/MarchContracts, types of management & financeProfessional CatererJohannesburg
2000 MayDealing with complaintsFast FoodJohannesburg
2000 June/JulyWaiter, there\'s a fly in my soupProfessional CatererJohannebsurg
2004 MarchThe Rosenthal's and the Café RichePretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2004 AprilEdouard Frankfort encouraged Pierneef...Pretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2004 JuneThe Art of Annemarie OppenheimPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2004 SeptemberThe Art of Alice GoldingPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2004 NovemberPretorians are justly proud of Sam levy\'s Transvaal HotelPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2004 NovemberPretoria 150 j., maar g'n vieringRapport, GautengJohannesburg
2004 DecemberOpportunity knocked on Polley's doorPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2005 JanuaryPolley's Arcade is a reminder of one of Pretoria's finest hotels of its timePretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2005 AprilThe first motorcar in PretoriaPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2005 May / JuneWho was the first Jew in PretoriaPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2005 JulyIt is unlikely that De Vries was a JewPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2005 AugustDaniel Montagu Kisch arrived in 1874Pretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2005 OctoberWas a penniless gold digger the first Jew to settle in Pretoria ?Pretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2005 NovemberHotel Victoria -The oldest hotel in town Part IPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2005 DecemberHotel Victoria -The oldest hotel in town Part IIPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2006 MarchThe story of Louis Joel HackPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2006 MayVersatile Leo Weinthal started the Pretoria News Part IPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2006 JulyVersatile Leo Weinthal started the Pretoria News Part IIPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2006 AugustMysteries about Louis Hugo NellmapiusPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2006 OctoberMax Pechstein at the Pretoria Art MuseumPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2006 DecemberThe pioneers of the hotel industry in Pretoria were mostly JewsPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2007 JanuaryThe Fountains Hotel had developed into a popular place …Pretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2007 MarchThe Union Hotel was Pretoria\'s premier address for diplomatsPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2007 JulyThe Union Hotel was turned into a Naval MessPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2007 SeptPretoria - The Heart of TshwanePretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2007 NovDaddy, what did you do during the war?Pretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2007 DecHourly rates are not available at the Nest¹InPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2008 FebA silk spinning attempt by Huguenots at the CapeThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2008 FebDo you remember Garlicks ?Pretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2008 AprFamous Fort built by French JewsPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2008 June/JulyMemories of the Mount NelsonThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2008 JulySamuel Goldman's New Grand HotelPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2008 July, 19/20A South African favourite (Monkey Gland Steak)The WeekenderJohannesburg
2008 September, 6/ 7Novelty of Something NewThe WeekenderJohannesburg
2008 October, 26/27Anyone for frogs' legs?The WeekenderJohannesburg
2008 DecemberWinston Churchill at the Mount NelsonThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2008 December, 20/21Fighting creates strange feastsThe WeekenderJohannesburg
2009 April/MayPub Crawling in Cape Town - Part 1The Cape OdysseyCape Town
2009 June/JulyPub Crawling in Cape Town - Part 2The Cape OdysseyCape Town
2009 JulyIn Jacaranda Time - Part 1Pretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2009 SeptemberIn Jacaranda Time - Part 2Pretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2009 Oct / NovPub Crawling in Cape Town - Part 3The Cape OdysseyCape Town
2010 Jan / FebA Tribute to August Aimé BalkemaThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2010 Feb 14Sourcing the SourceSunday TimeJohannesburg
2010 Mar / AprThe restored Tudor Chambers Building is Alec Wapnick\'s pridePretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2010 April, 24Research could settle name changePretoria NewsPretoria
2010 MayMoses Kottler’s connection with PretoriaPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2010 JuneMoses Kottler’s endangered species in PretoriaPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2010 July/AugustThe Queen’s Hotel in Sea PointThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2010 AugustWilliam Hollard was a colourful character in PretoriaPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2010 September/OctoberThe Post Office Tree in Mossel BayThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2010 Nov/DecThe Culemborg Hotel, PretoriaPretoria Jewish ChroniclePretoria
2011 March/ AprilA potpourri of colour that makes South African HistoryThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2011 May/JuneA Banker`s Advice to a West Coast FishermanThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2011 June/JulyFarmer Peck`s HotelThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2011 Aug/SeptemberShould the Sparrow of the Gospel be protected?The Cape OdysseyCape Town
2011 Sept/OctoberNothing is Sweeter than a Mother City’s WelcomeThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2011 Nov/December
Sir Maximilian MichaelisThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2012 January/FebruaryThe Green Point LighthouseThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2012 March/AprilRené Santhagens, The Father of South African BrandyThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2012 May/JuneAn Italian Artist at the CapeThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2012 July/AugustAn Italian painter at the CapeThe Cape OdysseyCape Town
2012 August/SeptemberThe two first managers at the Mount Nelson HotelThe Cape OdeysseyCape Town
2012 October/NovemberEarly Managers at the Mount Nelson HotelThe Cape OdeysseyCape Town